• Humor

    Playing With Other’s Words

    You may find this difficult to believe based on the serious and sober nature of most of the things I write, but I do have – let’s be kind – and unusual, offbeat, ever so [...]
  • Humor

    The Sound of Failure

    Sounds are the spice that makes the world more interesting. Consider the storm raging after dark. Watching the lightning illuminate the clouds can be beautiful and frightening. The bolts that slash through the darkness create [...]
  • Driving

    Road Construction

    While driving to work the other morning at an hour that is best left to milkmen and burglars who are heading home after a dishonest night’s work, I came across something that amazed me. It [...]
  • Family

    Lightning Strikes

    The other day I wrote about screaming. I claimed that I don’t scream often. Apparently, I was tempting fate with that bold declaration. While driving to work this morning, I shrieked, which is not to [...]
  • Family

    The Scream

    Photo by Gabriel Matula on UnsplashFew things alarm me more than a blood-curdling, soul-rending, there’s-a-serial-killer-behind-you scream. Anytime I watch a TV show or a movie with the big-boobed bimbo crying out in terror, I always [...]

  • For the record, I do not have a problem with smokers. Many of my closest friends smoke. Admittedly, I don’t understand the appeal. I tried smoking three times in my life. One was a cigar [...]


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