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    Aging Gracefully… or Not

    Once again, the Ancient Sex Symbol, Jim Hartsell is gracing the pages of this blog with his wisdom. As someone who is still in his 40s, I have no idea what he is talking about [...]
  • Humor

    Oh Look! A Chicken!

    Yes, it’s true. I have a t-shirt that says, “They say I have attention deficit disorder, but they just don’t understand… Oh look! A Chicken!” After I laughed about it and had to admit to [...]
  • Driving

    Road Rags

    I’ve heard people talking about road rage for quite a while. As easy-going and tense-free as many people know that I am not, you may find it hard to fathom that I could ever have [...]
  • Humor

    The Mouse is in the House

    Jim Hartsell, the Ancient Sex Symbol, is once again gracing the blog with his homespun wisdom. So, I was sitting at my desk writing an email when I heard a noise to my left. I [...]
  • Humor

    Snow Way

    Snow is wonderful to watch. One of my greatest pleasures involves sitting by the window with a steaming cup of Irish coffee as the snow drifts from the sky and blankets the grass with a [...]

  •   There are those days when we all need an attitude adjustment. I remember one time, I was in the mall for some unknown reason that may have been part of a governmental brain washing [...]


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