A Lancelot Sample

How would you like to see a sample of the new Abby Chilton book? You would? Awesome! You are in the right place. Today I will show you the Prologue. Wednesday I’ll let you take a look at Chapter One. On Saturday, you can get the whole thing! Pre-Orders are available right now on Kindle, Apple, KOBO,  and Barnes & Noble.


By Doug Romig



The agonizing screams were more soothing than a lullaby to Lance. Hearing someone begging for the pain to stop, knowing he held the key to their release, was the only thing that gave him euphoria. It was better than sex. This time was better than the dozens before. She was special, harder to break. Lance knew she would succumb. They always did. She was simply going to take a little longer.

“Here, have some water,” said the sadist. “You need to stay hydrated.”

Lips moved but no words escaped the parched throat of his victim. Their eyes met. She was glorious as defiance shone through the tears. She took a drink from the proffered straw and spit it in Lance’s face.

“Now that was a mistake,” said Lance. He walked over to his keyboard to tap a command. “Want to know the worst thing about pain? You can’t control it.” He hit enter and her body writhed on the near vertical gurney. The primordial scream resounded around the vast room, its sound-dampened walls absorbing the echoes which still bounded around Lance’s mind. It’s impressive she can still scream as raw as her throat must be. He hit the spacebar and she went limp. He examined his victim. She had passed out again.

“You really need to stay awake to appreciate all of this,” he said to her unconscious form. “Stimulating your pain sensors without causing any real damage is truly cutting-edge.” The sadist walked to the deep sink on the far side of the room. The bucket sitting in the fiberglass basin was quickly filled to the brim with icy water. Grunting, he lifted the pail and whistled a happy tune as he walked up to his victim. He poured the liquid over her lower extremities being careful to not get the leads wet. They would be expensive to replace and he had a budget to consider.

Jerking awake at the shock, the woman’s glazed eyes cleared as she recognized her nemesis holding the empty bucket. Defiance. Anger. Hatred. Fire burned within this one. This was their fourth day of pain and she showed no signs of weakening. How he loved a challenge. The details he could learn about breaking points could be life changing for many people. Lance had already begun writing a scholarly paper on the issue, but this one would give him much more. Names and facts would need to be altered slightly, but it was no major concern. There was only one question on his mind: Will she break before her heart fails? All the others had broken first. The heart attacks came after they lost all hope. He wasn’t sure if her will to fight was stronger than her heart’s ability to keep up with the level of pain she was about to endure.

“Tell me, Abby. Did you think your stay at the mental hospital would be this much fun? You are truly impressive.” Lance laughed as Agent Abby Chilton tried to kill him with a stare. Lance stopped laughing. The look made him shudder as he tapped keys on the laptop which sent her into waves of suffering.


Chapter One coming on Wednesday.