I live in East Tennessee with my family. I enjoy writing, teaching, driving, hiking and playing games with my family.

I have independently published 6 novels that you can find on my Books Page. I have a couple of books that are not out there yet so if you know an interested agent or publisher send them my way. Not into novels? No problem. Check out my short stories they are on the Short Stories page. (Check out the PicoTech Series. They are my favorites!)

Teaching is another of my great loves. I have the privilege of working with people all over the world as I help them improve their conversational skills with the English language. Granted, I speak American English but can also do really bad British, Scottish, Australian, and Russian accents.

Living in East Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains, I love driving any kind of vehicle into the mountains and finding new trails to explore. Encountering nature is always an adventure. Encountering a bear while riding a motorcycle in Cades Cove was an exhilarating adventure! You’d be amazed how well a Suzuki Boulevard can handle off-roading when a bear is chasing you.

My family is the most important part of my life. My wife, Jamey, and I have five kids between us. I love them all whether I was there for the birth or came onto the scene later in life. Jamey is my biggest cheerleader and my biggest fan.