Aging Gracefully… or Not

Once again, the Ancient Sex Symbol, Jim Hartsell is gracing the pages of this blog with his wisdom. As someone who is still in his 40s, I have no idea what he is talking about in this blog. Yeah, Jim, I went there.

I had a fitness evaluation done the other day at one of the local fitness centers and found out that I’m old, fat, and have practically no upper body strength. None of this was a surprise to me; however, the fact that everything else is more or less okay was. I suppose this is one of the advantages in being all the way over on the right side of the scale, the side that says “From 60 to, well, you know.” The requirements for being in the okay range are (mostly) within my reach.

This position – all the way over on the right – has a potential benefit for my everyday life, if I could make myself take advantage of it. One of my less intelligent habits is to approach tasks (chopping wood, construction/demolition, etc.) as if I were in my 30’s instead of my 60’s. Perhaps a poster on the door of my study is needed:

“If you were really still in your 30’s, Jim, your body would be able to do…” with a list of benchmarks from the middle range of all those charts “…so get a grip on reality before you go out the door.”

If I thought I’d actually pay attention to such a poster, I’d do it. Unfortunately, my grip on reality is firmer on some days than others. This has real advantages when writing fiction; other times, not so much. There is also my occasional tendency to give the finger to whatever structure I happen to notice surrounding me. This is why I don’t bother to outline my books before I start writing them. I know I would immediately start sabotaging the outline, noticing side paths for the characters to take that are obviously much more interesting than the one laid out for them.

I’m supposed to be re-evaluated in six weeks to see how my fitness regimen has benefited me. Maybe this is an opportunity to participate in Lent, which I don’t do as a rule. I could give up an hour of relaxation three or four days a week and, you know, work out. It’s a thought.

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