An Arino Interview – Sort Of

This morning I was sitting at my computer, uploading files to the all the right servers so they would be ready for the book launch on the 20th. There was a ring at the door that surprised me. Most of my friends don’t stop by without at least texting. Knowing my recent luck with drop-ins, I had a bad feeling as I headed to the door. I just knew it was going to be Tone and Zeke visiting at the same time to check on my work. I flung open the door…
Doug:   Guys, I’m in the middle of…
My voice suddenly decided it wanted to go somewhere else as my eyes focused on the beauty at my door. She had long, flowing, midnight-black hair, a wide smile that made me feel warm from head to toe, and eyes with traces of amber dancing around them.
Arino:   Hello, Doug. I’m Arino. May I come in?
Doug:   Uhhh…
Arino:   Can I take that as a yes?
Doug:   Uhhh…
Arino:   Let’s go sit down. You look flushed.
Doug:   Ummmm…
Arino:   For a writer, you don’t seem to know many words.
Doug:   Uh huh.
Arino:   Please sit down before you fall over. Let’s pretend I showed up at your door and you said something quite charming and witty about having a healing angel visiting, invited me in, and we sat down for coffee. Sound good?
Doug:   Okay.
Arino:   A semi-real word? Good job. Can you make a sentence for me now?
Doug:   Maybe.
Arino:   One word sentence? That’s progress. How about I talk for a while and let you remember where you left your vocabulary?
Doug:   Sure.
Arino:   Getting better. Nicely done. I really just stopped by to see how the work is going on New Fallen. I know you are under the gun to get it finished.
Doug:   Almost done.
Arino:   Two words! Yea! This was also my chance to say thank you for increasing my role in New Fallen. I had so much fun in Angelcide. This book has me in almost every chapter. That was so sweet of you. Stop blushing so brightly. That shade of red is not your color.
Doug:   You’re welcome. I liked… ummm… something.
Arino:   Awww. You almost had two sentences there. I am curious about the next book. Zeke told me you are calling it Demonize, right?
Doug:   Yes. You’re in that one a lot, too.
Arino:   Great. I love working with Zeke and Tone. So what is Demonize going to be about? I’m guessing there are demons.
Doug:   Yes. Demons trying to take over the Spiritscape.
Arino:   That seems unlikely. How are you planning on that?
Doug:   Well, there is a character that I introduce in New Fallen who will be a major player in Demonize.
Arino:   Your words are all back. That sounds like fun. Now you have me wondering who is in New Fallen that we will see in Demonize.
Doug:   It’s a secret. But the prologue of Demonize is at the end of New Fallen. It will give a hint.
Arino:   That’s a good idea. Sounds like something Zeke may have suggested.
Doug:   Both Zeke and Tone were insistent that I start work on Demonize. It wasn’t pretty what they threatened.
Arino:   I’ll keep them off your back as much as I can. Just don’t take too long.
Doug:   I’ll work on it. I promise.
Then I was in my kitchen all alone, as if I had been by myself the whole time. The kid from next door was staring in the window. He had a strange look on his face. It was like he was watching a mad man talking to himself. Kids these day. What are you going to do?