A New Attitude

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Photo by Talen de St. Croix on Unsplash

There are those days when we all need an attitude adjustment. I remember one time, I was in the mall for some unknown reason that may have been part of a governmental brain washing technique. As I was walking, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two teens who were walking along. I had to walk really fast to keep up with them so I could “accidentally” overhear them. One turned to the other and said, “Dude! Tude!”

The rhyming was impressive. The meaning behind this poetry was truly challenging to discern. After a great deal of careful analysis and many nanoseconds of contemplation, I came upon the meaning behind those words. The translation is: “My friend. Our comradry and fun-filled times have been compromised by a certain way of behavior that will continue to drive a wedge between us until it leads to an end of our companionship unless serious changes are made in your way of thinking and acting.” I think “Dude! Tude!” says it a lot better.

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There was a time when someone needed to walk up to me and say: “Dude! Tude!” My attitude a few years ago – and I use this word in its kindest meaning – sucked. There were days when I hated God, the world, my ex, Howard Stern and butterscotch pudding. I know what you’re thinking: How can he mention Stern and pudding in the same sentence? It takes a talented and twisted mind.

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There is something to be said for letting it go. The last year has seen some major changes in my life. I have a new, amazing, gorgeous, wonderful wife who came with an amazing, new extended family. I’ve reconnected with family who forgive my jerk-ness. Now I can stop being mad at God, the world, the ex and butterscotch pudding. Howard Stern may take some more time, if it ever happens. But it was time to stop being such a major jerk and let go of my anger. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions three years ago. The only person it was really hurting was me. I finally feel good about myself. It’s about time.

My attitude is better and I know, with my amazing support system, it will last! How is your attitude this new year?