Are you having fun?

Who you are is best shown by who you chose as friends. Meeting new people is like enjoying a great meal. It is the familiar taste of the food that draws us in, but it is the surprises that keep us coming back for more. In the same way, discovering what we have in common and then uncovering our differences is what adds familiarity and spice to the relationship. When we have enough things in common to have something to talk about and enough differences to learn something new, it makes the chance to meet something special. Great chemistry and great conversation lead to great relationships.

Laughing with one another at the strangest things makes a simple day into a memory that you will always have. When humor is shared and the smile crosses the face, it lights up a room like nothing else. Telling the joke that makes someone else roll their eyes and moan in pain is just as much fun as telling the joke that makes them laugh until their sides hurt. Both are more fun than should be legal!

The simplest and most basic philosophy for my life goes: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. It applies to fun and frivolity, life and love, romance and raucousness. I hope you are fortunate enough to find the right person with enough commonalities and differences to make life into something amazing. 

I just have one simple question for you: Are you having fun?

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  1. Dinner with you two had me rolling my eyes and laughing out loud. YES, I was having fun!! Thanks for the memories…

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