Arguing With My Characters

If you have read my book, Shrink, then you have met Abby Chilton. She is the emotionally damaged FBI profiler who has an attitude about… well… everything. Sitting here, working on Reunion, Abby is talking to me. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like what I’m writing about her. She can be such a pain in the buttocks. Abby and I have gone back forth about Jonas, her love interest in the first book. She is mad that Jonas is off doing his Interpol stuff, leaving her all alone. I tried to explain to her that he is in his own book that I’m writing. Our conversation went something like this:
Doug: Abby, it’s ok. Jonas has a job to do and he’s in Europe.
Abby: Why does he have to go there? Can’t he be working in America for a while?
Doug: It’s not in his character to stay in one place for long. He’s in demand all over the world. I’m even giving him his own book.
Abby: Are there women in his book?
Doug: Of course there are. He’s in Europe tracking blue diamond smugglers. Who do you think likes the blue diamonds? Guys don’t care about diamonds, unless they are giving them to women.
Abby: I see.
Doug: Why does that make me nervous?
Abby: Because you know that I will run away if you put too many women out there to temp him.
Doug: You can’t run away. You’re in my head.
Abby: Ever heard of writer’s block?
Doug: You wouldn’t dare. Would you?
Doug: Abby?
Doug: Abby? I’ll make him be as good as he can.
Abby: That could be taken many ways. Do not play games with a profiler. I can see right through your little word play, buster. Don’t make me hurt you. I’m in your head. I know where the blood vessels are.
Doug: You are scary.
Abby: No, that would be you. I’m just a figment of your imagination. But I’m watching how you write about Jonas. He’d better behave for the most part.
Doug: How about I bring him back in Reunion for a chapter or two?
Abby: You would do that for me? How sweet of you.
Doug: Anything to keep my brains intact and my characters happy.

I may need some therapy.