Around the Block

If you’ve read my blog you know that there seems to be no end to the topics upon which I can pontificate; but even I get writer’s block upon occasion. Finding a way around a blocked situation is something that I am notorious for doing. It is easier to ask forgiveness than beg permission. Or another way, in business classes they taught us that management is the art of working with, through and sometimes around others. Going around a road block is not a problem in most situations. But writing is different.

If I let my mind wander and see where it takes me then my A.D.D. kicks in. Watching the fire with the flames licking the fake logs makes me think of camp fires and campers and towing the camper and tow ropes of skiers to snow skiing to near death experiences while snow skiing to finding missing snow skiers to Saint Bernard’s with barrels of brandy to cherry brandy to cherry liquors to liquor stores to driving home from a liquor store to driving using a GPS to listening to the GPS tell you where to drive to using a female British voice on the GPS to British accents to Australian accents to Australia to the Great Barrier Reef to reef diving to sky diving to flying to jets to the Concord to condors to dodo birds to cuckoo birds to cuckoo clocks to grandfather clocks back to the fireplace that is three feet away from the clock. Even people with A.D.D. get back around to the original topic again. And no I did not plan that out. That is how my mind works when I let it wander. I’m just glad it came back.

Maybe writer’s block isn’t quite so bad.