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Like mysteries? Check out the Abby Chilton Novels.

In the mood for international espionage? The Interpol Adventures would be right for you.

How about a techno-thriller? You need to meet ICE in the Cryptos Files.

Maybe a supernatural fantasy? The Spiritscape books would feed your demons.

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Abby Chilton Novels


FBI forensic psychologist Abby Chilton thought she would be content to analyze agents and ensure they mass through her gauntlet of psych tests. She left field work for the peace and politics of the office. The only problem is she doesn’t like peace and hates politics. Two men enter her boring life. One is an Interpol agent. The other is a killer. Both men have plans for her. Both men have a shared past. Neither one will let her stay behind her safe and secure desk. Neither one know what they have done releasing the Shrink.

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FBI profiler Abby Chilton is back and getting into the mind of another killer. Twenty-somethings are dying to get to their ten-year high school reunion – literally. All the cool kids from ten years ago – the ones who tortured everyone – are turning up dead from mysterious strokes. Abby and her new partner, Seneca Jenks, must follow the trail of bodies leading up to the Reunion.

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Lance Limni is Lancelot, a forgotten Soviet sleeper agent from the Cold War era, who killed his patients for decades without remorse. As a psychiatrist, his knowledge of pain and mind games are put to the test when he faces a new victim – FBI profiler Abby Chilton. The mind games begin as Lancelot and Abby face off in her most dangerous mission. Seneca Jenks, Abby’s partner at the FBI, recruits an array of specialists from around the world as they search for the missing profiler.

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New Abby novel in the works:

Nemesis: An Abby Chilton Novel. Abby is back tracking down a missing agent, Brenda Nevins, and a vicious killer in the fourth of this series.


Interpol Adventures

Jonas Lange, the man who was introduced in Shrink, is off on his own adventure. Jonas is a skilled linguist, a master of hand to hand combat, a brilliant tactician, and the leader of the special operations team of Interpol.

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New Interpol novels in the works:

Interpol: Black Heart. The deceptive Sura Qazi is back as an adversary for Jonas Lange. She and her brother, Vazir, have set their sights on the leader of the Interpol Special Operations Team: Frédérique Veilleux.