Things That Cross My Mind

Be forewarned! I’m about to share my random thoughts as they cross my mind. These will likely be totally unrelated. I merely want you to see what it’s like inside an eclectic, eccentric mind. Why […]


A Second Sample of Lancelot

Did you like the sample of the Prologue of the new Abby Chilton book? If you missed the Prologue, click here. Chapter One will make more sense if you read the Prologue first. Did you […]


A Lancelot Sample

How would you like to see a sample of the new Abby Chilton book? You would? Awesome! You are in the right place. Today I will show you the Prologue. Wednesday I’ll let you take […]


An Interview with an Angel

Having just recovered from my impromptu meeting with Tone, I had just set down to work on my new book, Reunion, when I looked up and my heart almost stopped. There was this thing in […]


An Interview With Tone

I was sitting in my kitchen, editing New Fallen, when I looked up and saw Tone sitting there making faces at me. For most of you, a person from a book appearing next to you […]