Lancelot is coming!

I know many of you have asked about the next Abby Chilton novel. Lancelot has been in the edit process FOREVER. Guess what? The editing is done. I’m not promising that we caught every mistake because I can make the best mistakes that hide in plain sight. (Yes, I fixed to more mistakes in Shrink the other day.)

The launch day is March 31st! That is a special day for me. It’s my birthday. Please don’t feel obligated to head straight to Amazon and buy the Kindle version because it would make my birthday even more special. If you do, it’ll be a great birthday present for me. I’m kidding. Don’t do it as a present. Buy it because you want to find out what is happening to Abby. (Besides, my totally unbiased wife says it’s the best one yet!)

Since my birthday is coming up, I want to give you a present because that’s how I roll. From Monday, March 26th until Friday, March 30th, the Kindle version of Shrink, the first Abby Chilton novel, will be free. You read that right – FREE! Gratis! No cost! Nada! No dollars, pounds, euros, yen, chickens, or whatever you use for currency. In college, that was pizza and beer for me. (I typed essays for pizza and term papers for lots of pizza and a six-pack.)

On March 26th, you can get Shrink right <<<HERE>>>. Wait until the 26th so you don’t have to pay for it. Now, if you like it want to leave a five-star review on Amazon, I would be eternally grateful. Remember, even a short review with a few words like “great”, “amazing”, or “better than James Patterson” help more than you know. Those reviews help fuel sales which helps fuel my writing.

Send me an email at [email protected] with “I Reviewed Shrink” in the subject line and let me know you left one so I can send you a free copy of the Kindle version of Cryptos. It’s a novella about one of the minor characters in Shrink, Ian Edos. He’s a likable sociopath.