I have a few short stories I would love to share with you. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some will hopefully make you think.

The PicoTech Series

Imagine a world of the near future where disease is a thing of the past. You are only as old as you want to be. Death and age related ailments only happen to those who do not want the PicoTech. What’s PicoTech? Microscopic robots that are smaller than nanobots. It’s a world of healthy people and longer lives… but at what cost?

PicoTech: Rebirth

PicoTech: Awakening

PicoTech: Identity Crisis

PicoTech: The Ghost

PicoTech: Virtual Death

PicoTech: To Be or Not 2 B.


The Unknown Nightmare

What If you found an ancient secret that gave you world changing wisdom… but not in the way you hoped. The nightmare begins for this student when his waking world is forever changed.

The Unknown Nightmare


The Cereal Killer

What would happen if someone with homicidal tendencies got a little confused? Instead of being a killer who killed serially, what if they killed cereally? Buck Little, the Chief of Police of Hog Snout, Tennessee, must deal with someone killing the key members of the community with breakfast foods. It is a humorous and twisted take of being a serial killer… or  cereal killer.

The Cereal Killer