Thank God It’s Monday!

I love weekends. There are all kinds of relaxing activities that make them fun. Swimming. Hiking. Family time. The occasional drinking game. I played this one over the weekend where we watched Farscape and had to drink every time they said Crichton. I would have been drunk if we hadn’t been drinking chocolate malts but I did gain five pounds.

There have been times when I hated Mondays. I remember one Monday when I had fourteen meetings, three friends in the hospital, a road trip, two a lunch appointments, returning a Doctor Who movie to a Bluebox, a dinner dalliance and had return a pink and purple platypus to it’s rightful owner. (That story involved a confusion with a beaver and crayon factory. Don’t ask how it happened.)

This is not one of those Mondays. I am headed to work with one of my best friends. He is one of the coolest rednecks I know. He told me this joke about a roadrunner, tequila and butter beans that has had me laughing for days! 

When was the last time you were glad it was Monday? I bet it was on Memorial Day. Right? Don’t you think life is too short to let Mondays be meant for moaning over missing the mojitos of of the night before? Some people are truly happy to see the new week peek into the world. Most of those people are in tourist areas, insane, unemployed or on something. For me it is working with someone that makes me laugh. My friend makes me laugh on purpose and my coworker makes me laugh accidentally. He could have inspired the whole I.Q. of Soup blog from a few weeks back!

I wish you a happy, fun filled Monday. If you are not happy it’s Monday then check out my blog on Monday Morning Mischief to help you along.