The Parent’s Revenge: Being a Grandparent!

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I am a member of that privileged group that has a front row seat to the discovery of the universe. In other words, I am a new grandparent.

My granddaughter Madison joined her older sister McKinley about a month ago and I get to come along on their journey without the attending daily worry of being their parents. I guess that makes it more of a balcony seat than the front row, but the view is great from here.

Given their choice of names for both girls, I am guessing that my son and daughter-in-law may have Presidential ambitions for their children. Those of us who have been around the block a few times know that down that road lies madness, but I have to admit it would be nice to see the parts of the White House the general riffraff doesn’t get to experience. Maybe the First Gentleman will give me a tour, and I can even get a code name from the Secret Service. I personally like Ancient Sex Symbol, but the acronym might be problematic. While I’m waiting for my tour, though, there’s a lot of neat stuff happening that I get to be a part of.

I get to play hide-and-seek with a two-year-old who waits until I finish counting before running from her hiding place to stand in front of me laughing.

I get to hold a three-week-old child while she looks around and sees things, mostly for the very first time, and wonder what she makes of all this.

I get to tell the girls’ parents to go back to bed and catch another hour or two of sleep while my wife and I watch the kids. That’s a win-win if ever there was one.

I get to go home to my house, so I can reappear to them later as somebody they only see on special occasions. This is a great gig, and, unlike some others who are in my position, I also can’t wait until they’re teenagers. That’s when the real fun starts. Who knows what outrageousness the younger generation will have dreamed up to drive their parents crazy, leaving me to applaud their new independence from the stupidity of their hopelessly out of touch parents.

This whole grandparent thing is the big payoff for having children. It’s my chance to be the wise elder (they’re very young and don’t realize I’m still pretty clueless), nod understandingly at their parents, and say this too shall pass when the colic or the terrible twos are in full expression. All in all, it’s hard to imagine being in a better place.

Of course, it helps that they are the most intelligent and beautiful children on the planet.

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  1. The fun never stops! Eat your Wheaties, work out on occasion, drink plenty of water and you’ll hold a great grandbaby one day. Now, that’s FULL CIRCLE!!

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