The Rhythm of A.D.D. or Dr. Seuss on Ritalin

When I awoke on this very day
My mind was out racing in every way.
It ran and it ran so, so far from me
Wandering through the wide world don’t you see.
Thoughts of fun and joys all anew
And all of the shades of the color blue
Were running and racing round my drifting mind
Leaving me in a peculiar bind.
Do I write about a random thought
Of dogs with fake teeth that owners have bought?
Or the reasons behind the wind and waves
And watching the way my weird neighbor saves
The recycling trash from far deep within
The dumpster, the trashcans and every dustbin?
Or about many thoughts for stories untold
Of a leprechaun riding a pink leopard bold?
Perchance I should let my unbalanced brain
Solve problems of peace and green acid rain
That bother and keep me awake every night.
Just kidding ‘bout that, I have a nightlight
That has starry night from the great Vincent
Who I wish I had known. Is that a strange tent
Out though the window in fields where dogs play?
I hope they took care, they won’t want to lay
In a spot that was where Fido went number two.
This all makes good sense for me, not for you.
Try drinking some coffee. Eight cups would work well.
Then drink four big Red Bulls and vodka to tell
What it’s like to be me in my head when thoughts push.
Eat a few Snickers for the sugar and rush.
That may help you to feel what it’s like to me
On the days when I’m dealing with A, D and D.

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