Things That Cross My Mind

Be forewarned! I’m about to share my random thoughts as they cross my mind. These will likely be totally unrelated. I merely want you to see what it’s like inside an eclectic, eccentric mind.

  • Why is the state named Rhode Island when it surrounded by land on two and a third sides?
  • How can the Today show find enough material for four hours of programming?
  • Why do people watch morning talk shows when half the programming is commercials?
  • Why don’t I change the channel?
  • Is it funny or sad that I had lasik and a year later turned 40 and needed reading glasses?

  • Is my phone listening to me and watching what I write since I just saw an add for reading glasses when I checked email?
  • I want a doughnut.
  • Do I like doughnuts because they taste like sugary clouds, because I’m not supposed to eat them, or because they have my name in them which subliminally make me think they’re MINE, ALL MINE,MUHAHAHA!?
  • I think I need to cut back on the doughnuts.
  • I need another bottle of wine since there is an open spot in my wine rack.
  • Can you have wine with cereal?
  • Will my Rice Crispies go  “snap, crackle and hiccup “?
  • I need more coffee.


  • Maybe I drink too much coffee.
  • How much coffee is too much?
  • Can a writer drink too much coffee?
  • Starbuck is more addictive than crack?
  • Does Starbuck put something in their coffee to make it more addictive like the tobacco companies do with cigarettes?
  • I’m glad I don’t smoke.
  • I did smoke once but my boots were on fire at the time so it was not near as addictive.

And that’s what it’s like inside my mind. Have a good day and thank your lucky stars your mind goes in linear directions.