What Makes You Happy?

When you look around at your life, which things make you happy? I’m not talking about the obvious things like family, friends, and microwave burritos. Who doesn’t love those? I know family can get on your nerves. Well, my family says I get on their nerves. And friends can be irritating. Wait, my friends say I can be irritating. There seems to be a trend here. Back to the topic, what makes you happy in your life? If you are missing happiness, I have come up with a few things to make you happy if you just think of it like I do.
Doesn’t it make you happy when…
… you know that you have never had a pogo stick accident that required surgery. (Don’t even ask where the pogo stick ended up. You REALLY don’t want to know.)
… you are not the guy who cleans the streets after the circus elephants parade through town. (I could come up with all kinds of smelly job jokes here but I’ll let you make up your own.)
… you get to laugh at the guy who falls waterskiing and forgets to let go of the line. (Yes, that was me you were laughing at last summer.)
… there are more doughnuts than people in the office so you know you can take two without anyone complaining too much even though you didn’t know they were for the conference later in the day. (This is not based on actually events no matter what my coworkers say.)
… the goose that was chasing the little boy at the duck pond gets kicked halfway to the fountain by the boy’s mom. (Mama bears have got nothing on this lady. I almost fell in the pond laughing so hard.)
… a movie star can laugh at themselves when they make some silly mistake at awards shows. (It makes me happy knowing that they are human, too. Well, not Sly and Arnold. They were replaced by androids years ago.)
… the Winter Olympics are over so you can see something besides reruns. (Yes, that did bug me. Just not into figure skating or skiing or any sport that requires frostbite protection.)
I hope these examples have helped you see how happy life can be! If not, let me know and I’ll make up some other things so you can see it could be much worse.