Why Do We…

Why do we…

… always feel the need to correct people instead of listening to what they mean and not what they say? (Unless they are teenagers, then ignore what they mean, too.)

… make a joke at someone else’s expense and then fail to laugh when someone does the same to us? (Rude is all about perspective, not political correctness. That means I’m funny and everyone else is just rude no matter what my teenage children say.)

… get mad when someone is going to slow in the fast lane and get mad when someone tailgates us when we are the slow one? (That is so dangerous because you never know when I may hit the brakes suddenly because a character from one of my books wants to tell me something.)

… tolerate rudeness in complete strangers and get mad when a friend has a bad day and says something without thinking? (If only they knew what all goes through my mind since I only say one out of ten sarcastic comments.)

… think it is admiring beauty when we look at someone of the opposite sex and it is leering when someone else does it? (Ask anyone in the entertainment industry about that right now.)

… believe we have freedom of speech and other people are just whiners? (Or winers when they’ve had too much to drink.)