Wouldn’t It Be Weird If…

When he was younger and just starting to think abstractly, my youngest son would frequently start sentences with the phrase: “Wouldn’t it be weird if…” (He was seven when that began! Yeah, I know. He calls himself Dad 2.0 – all the great qualities of the original, but with significant upgrades.) It got to the point I would interrupt his musing and just say, “YES!” before he explained it. He would laugh. I would laugh. Then, he would go on and explain what he thought would be weird as if I had never spoken. It’s too bad he doesn’t like English class. He still may become a writer if I can con, coerce, cajole, or convince him to try.

Thinking back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, I wondered what would be something I think would be weird today. Some the things I think are weird may not even phase you. Let’s see how my weirdness compares to yours.

  • Wouldn’t it be weird if your cell phone’s autocorrect actually corrected the right words instead of making your texts seem like they were sent by a demented chimpanzee on acid? Not that I’ve ever given a chimpanzee on acid. That would be wrong. It was a spider monkey at the zoo and you would not believe what he did to that banana.

  • Wouldn’t it be weird if I could actually spell the word weird correctly the first time? I am certain that my computer keeps changing the spelling from weird to weird, and back again. Let’s see, it is I before E except after C unless it is a leap year, in which case it P before Y except after I…

  • Wouldn’t it be weird if politicians were paid based on performance testing of their constituents like they are expecting of teachers and students? I’m not opposed to performance evaluations, but I promise I will skew that test so our politicians get pay cuts. Who’s with me on this?

  • Wouldn’t it be weird if the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies earned a salary inversely based on the number of federal investigations and class action lawsuits filed against the company? Let’s see, Bob. We had the Feds in here eight times last year, fourteen separate class action suits, and you had nine employees accuse you of sexual harassment. Adding that up, carry the two, and… let’s see… You owe us $8,385.

  • Wouldn’t it be weird if we switched the meaning of the words asteroid and hemorrhoid? I am I the only one who thinks we have the words reversed? I know I have mentioned this before but I’m going to keep on mentioning it until this gets fixed!

Well, that’s all the wierdness wiredness weirdneesstrange stuff I have for today. So am I as weird as you?