You Squat, I’ll Hunker Down

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I read a recent article that celebrated the health benefits of squatting and said that we should be doing this regularly (as opposed to spending all our time sitting or standing, I guess). I was offended by this outlandish disregard for the heritage and history of a good portion of the population, not to mention the language.

Where I come from, people don’t squat. They hunker down.

“Y’all come on and hunker down over here, Leroy, and let’s you and me talk about this.” That’s how you do it. “Y’all come on and squat over here” doesn’t have the same ring to it. No sir, it doesn’t.

“Boys, it’s time to hunker down and get to it.”

“If you’ll hunker down behind this round bale, that old tom won’t see you until it’s too late.”

“Would you look at those two good ole boys hunkered down there by that fencerow? Reckon what they’re talking about?”

If you replace “hunker down” with “squat” in any of the above examples, you will see what I mean. “Hunker” is right. It’s better. It’s damn near poetry. “Squat” is low class and even a little creepy. No comparison. Besides, squatting makes me think of hand dug latrines on one of our camping trips or of toilets in foreign countries and all that’s kind of a private thing.

I know that if enough time goes by, say fifteen or twenty minutes, there will be another study claiming squatting is much less effective for improving health than, maybe, lunging. But I don’t much care. I prefer to hunker down, and as long as my knees will cooperate, that’s what I plan to continue doing.

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  1. Jim, I never thought about it that way. Squat is a horrible word and hunker down is far superior. Thank you for your insight once again!

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